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Antonio Daza: The Student Who’s Running for Congress

By: John Settles, Editor-In-Chief

ATLANTA, March 22, 2021-After his graduation, Mr. Daza plans to run for United States Congress as a Progressive Democratic Representative of Georgia in the upcoming November 2022 election cycle.

Concerning his political platform for the 2022 election cycle, he is running from Georgia’s District 11, which includes the counties of Cobb, Cherokee, Bartow, and Fulton. He will be running against the Republican Incumbent, Barry Loudermilk. His platform revolves around tackling several issues such as:

  • Justice Reform

  • Tenant Reform

  • Gentrification

  • Equal Access to Education, and more.

In an interview with the upcoming political candidate, Daza said that he is inspired by the work and beliefs of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders, supporting legislation such as the Green New Deal and Police Reform.

His interest in politics started when he was 20 years old working for a newspaper titled the Notitarde in his home country of Venezuela. From there, he also became involved in the sociopolitical fight against former leader Hugo Chavez in 2003, before he and his family moved to the US to escape the turmoil. Due to his experiences as a revolutionary in Venezuela, Daza says that he wants to be a politician for the people and hold those that are in power accountable.

As of this article, he is currently still in the planning stages of his political career, starting with recruiting for his communication team. Regardless of how long building the base will take, he is very confident in his ability to become the people’s candidate for the state of Georgia.

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