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What exactly is so vital about a graduate school fair?

Benjamin Grady, Staff Writer

There are plenty of different available resources that students, whether a freshman or a senior, can take advantage of in order to be successful after graduating from Oglethorpe University. A graduate school fair is a beneficial resource that provides both information and relief for scholarly individuals who aren’t entirely sure what they want to do with their major, as well as where they want to go with it.

Rest assured, the graduate school fair at Oglethorpe University is an event that is far from intimidating. In fact, there are reliable reasons surrounding why students shouldn’t overlook a resource offering valuable knowledge about graduate school and further answering the question of what they want to do in life.

Erin Sherrill, Career Development Director, truly believes that hosting an event like this is extremely important for providing students with a convenient opportunity to explore different future options. As career development is a lifelong process, conversing with recruiters and business professionals educate students about the different paths that they can take. “It’s never too early to consider graduate school in your future,” Sherrill states, and she is correct! It is never too early to consider, nor is any student too young to begin thinking about it.

According to Sherrill, by showing students the diverse opportunity that exists in the world, the impact is exposure that helps them realize what it is they might not necessarily like, and what it is they wish to continue learning about. Do not feel bad about uncertainty; it’s okay to be unsure over what it is you want to do in life. A graduate school fair can answer several questions of uncertainty anyone might have, while giving everyone a solid grasp on all the possibilities that are available for the taking.

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