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Open Mic on Diversity

Benjamin Grady, Staff Writer

Oglethorpe University welcomes its first ever all-inclusive Diversity Fest. At such a culturally extensive event, professors and students alike can expect an array of singing, dancing, rapping and one-of-a-kind artistic display. An event such as this is more than just an evening activity that one can leisurely attend to pass the time on campus. It is a way to show people exactly how distinctive each student is in a way that unifies everyone together. Diversity is an aspect that deserves notoriety, as well something that should be represented.

3rd-year intellectual Taylor Roberts, an Arts History Major, had a vision about the idea and worked to bring the festivity to life by both creating and hosting the event. “I think that there is a lot diversity on campus, but a lack celebration for that diversity,” she said. “It is important to designate time (for this event), in order to bring attention to the uniqueness of diversity that is on our campus.”

As well as bringing attention to that uniqueness, as Roberts states, Diversity Fest also presents students with an opportunity of stepping out of their comfort zone and presenting their talent for others to witness in a way that encapsulates their true self. For all intents and purposes, Diversity Fest epitomizes what it means to be a Petrel!

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