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When Things Get Overwhelming

As September ends and welcomes the month of October, classes at Oglethorpe being to swing in full motion. Weekdays are full of energy and activity as students and professors travel from and to classes, meetings, office hours, practices and clubs. And though the consumption of learning among students is bliss, the overwhelming amount of daily readings, essays, problem sets, and countless other assignments can hinder students from performing their best.

1. Sit Back and Breathe

When our to-do list begins to fill up faster than we anticipate, it’s easy for us to get overwhelmed, anxious, and frustrated with the amount of work we must complete. When these emotions arise, always remember to take a step back and breathe. Breathing exercises have been proven to lower anxiety and ease stress. In addition, taking a peaceful walk around campus, listening to some music, and relaxing for a little while can help as well.

2. Bring Back the Planners

Many of us have fallen guilty of lying to ourselves when we say we can remember all the assignments, tests and essays for our classes. However, retaining all the deadlines for four to five classes can is extremely difficult; especially when many students are involved in extracurriculars and social events. To help with this college epidemic, it is good to invest in a planner whether it is digital or physical. Writing down assignments, due dates and test/exams and setting aside study and social time will make your life easier, give you an overview of all the items on your to-do list, and give you a sense of ease.

3. Mental Breaks

As stated before, having a planner will make this fall semester at Oglethorpe easier to handle. Matched with self-discipline, accomplishing assignments and meeting deadlines will be no problem. However, overworking yourself is also another factor that can cause an individual to feel overwhelmed. A student can easily get caught up in all the assignments they need to complete/ have already completed that they may not notice the negative effects of not taking care of themselves. Once again, when academics and social life get overbearing, it is important to take a break for yourself. Taking mental breaks can help give you a rest from formulating essays for Core and solving problem sets for Chemistry. Whether this is treating yourself with a sweet treat from Krispy Kreme or spending a few hours in your dorm watching Netflix, taking a break to just focus on yourself is necessary for academic success.

4. It’s OK to Hit the Snooze

When our lives get overwhelming, sleep is one of the first necessities to go. Getting the proper amount of sleep is critical for academic success. Even though an essay needs to be written, your well-being needs to be addressed as well.

5. Talk It Out

One of the best therapeutic methods to do when stressed is talk it out. Whether it is to a friend, family member, professor, or one of the counselors on campus. Letting someone else aware of your current situation cannot only allow you to receive encouraging words but also see the commonality of being overwhelmed in college. No matter which individual you choose, this will be the foundational steps for you to become less stress.

At the end of the day, always remember to put your best foot forward. No one is perfect and we all have our fair share of stressful days but that is a part of life. You will get through this. Stay

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