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The Crisis in Hong Kong


On a global scale, it’s hard to ignore the protests that keep surging in Hong Kong and even more so the police brutality that has come with it. Hong Kong and China have a “one country, two systems” policy called the Hong Kong Basic Law, which guarantees freedom Chinese mainlanders don’t have, such as the right to protest and freedom of speech. The purpose was to help maintain Hong Kong’s identity, culture and sovereignty. However, as the years go by, the Hong Kong Basic Law keeps getting reinterpreted until Beijing declared having “complete jurisdiction” over Hong Kong. This proved to be the final straw for many residents and now a multitude of people continue to plague the streets with both peaceful protests and riots.


During these protests, there have been many instances of police brutality. A very famous example is a woman getting severely injured in the eye due to getting hit by a police beanbag round. This started a surge of protesters chanting “an eye for an eye” and wearing eyepatches to symbolize the damage the police have caused.


Despite how bad things are, Hong Kongers continue to hold that fiery passion that led them to revolt against the government. Agree or disagree with the protests, it is truly admirable to see people fight for their rights and future.

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