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Going for the Goal!

Benjamin Grady, Staff Writer

Three cheers to the Men’s Soccer Team and their first home game victory, Sunday, September 8! The energy was very hot yesterday evening under dusk-filled skyline, as friends, families, and students filled up the sidelines for an exciting match. Tensions were high as players began in the first half of the match, Oglethorpe starting the game off strong with a solid 3-0 lead.

The race up and down the field was on as players dribbled the ball with a mission of scoring as many goals as possible. Although the Petrels faced initial resistance from Massachusetts-natives, Gordon College, the players ultimately pulled through and secured the win in the second half.

OU freshman James Williams, number 34, took off as he hustled his way through the adversaries, stepping up to score the final goal of the game. “The first home game of the season is always great,” he says. “It feels great when you give it your all and it pays off in the long run.” Williams and the rest of the team are certainly off to a strong of this season, as they concluded the match with a solid 5-1 final score. “It isn’t just about one person on the team,” Williams says, “my only impact is to contribute to the team the best way I can.” The men’s soccer team has a promising future ahead of them, and the audience cannot wait to see what’s in store for the team.

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