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The Ongoing Destruction of the Amazon



The Amazon, the world’s largest tropical forest, has been burning for the past month in what can only be seen as the most catastrophic forest fire of the year. These devastating news went global as multiple world leaders began to acknowledge the severity of the situation and Brazil’s state of emergency. While there are many speculations as to how it started, the important thing as of now is how to fight it and see what else can be done.


What makes this such a big concern is the fact that the Amazon was releasing a lot of our oxygen supply into the atmosphere, which helps slow down global warming. If it gets too damaged, the Amazon might not be able to have the impact it once had and the world would face massive climate change. So far “the rate of land clearance reaches one and a half football fields a minute” and “as the trees and plants perish, they would release billions of tons of carbon that has been stored for decades” as told by CNN in one of their reports. So aside from potentially losing a major ecosystem, the Earth might face a climate change catastrophe.


However, the Brazilian government has been receiving a lot of support from foreign countries. An example is shown by CNET when they report that Finland's Prime Minister Antti Rinne released a statement saying that “the fires in Brazil were "extremely serious" and that he had contacted the European Commission”. Furthermore, the G7 summit even offered $22 million in aid to Brazil. While there are countries, non-profits, and organizations that are currently trying their best to help out, it is important to help in any way possible.


Here are some organizations you can donate to:

●      Rainforest Trust

●      The Amazon Conservation Team

●      One Tree Planted

●      Amazon Conservation

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