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A Scrimmage for the Win

Congratulations to the women’s volleyball team who took home a scrimmage victory against the Bears on August 27. The Dorough Field House bleachers were filled with students, parents, friends and staff Tuesday evening in support of the team. The Scrimmage against the Bears was nothing more than a small game to start off the season. However, Oglethorpe supporters can expect a many more victories throughout the year from the team based off their outstanding teamwork.

Tuesday’s scrimmage between the Bears and the lady Petrels was a tight game filled with toe-to-toe score ties and intensity. Throughout the first and second period of the game, the players were beating the Bears with a three-point difference. As period 3 begun, the lady Petrels remained in the lead for the first five minutes before the lead was taken by the Bears with a score of 12 to 9. A timeout was called by the Bears shortly after and the game continued until a timeout was called by the Petrels. The period ended with the Bears leading with 25 to 13. Though dishearten, students and staff cheered on the lady Petrels.

Period 4 began with the Bears in the lead with 8 points and the Petrels following behind with a score of 4. As the game progressed, the two teams continued to tie their scores. The lady Petrels had the crowd screaming and cheering at the ends of their seats as they continued to score. Even so, the lady Petrels gave their all in the last few minutes of the game, winning with a score of 15 and the bears with 11.

“I thought the game was a great start to the year and to win at home was huge for our team,” said Malisa Reichard, one of the setters on the team. “We still have a lot of things to work on, but the scrimmage allowed us to see those things. I think if we continue to have championship behavior, we can get to the next level.” With the team spirit, encouragement and support shown through the team’s performance last night, there is no doubt the women’s volleyball players will get to the next level as the season continues. Stay Stormy!

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