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NCAA Celebration at OU

Oglethorpe University celebrated NCAA Division Three Week that honored and thanked the athletic advisors, trainers, athletes, and staff this past week.

On Sunday, a cookout was held outside of the Schmidt Gym for the athletic community where hot dogs and hamburgers were grilled by head basketball coach Phillip Ponder. Refreshments and snacks were also provided. People could stop by around 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. to get food and mingle with other athletes, coaches, and staff.

Athletic advisors were honored on Tuesday for everything they have done for the team that they sponsored. Dr. Nardo is the athletic advisor for the volleyball team. The team got him a gift card, poster, and a card with everyone’s signatures a as a sign of their appreciation for his support.

This past season, he bought each player a book to read, “And Then There Were None” by Agatha Christie. The team met to discuss the book with questions and a PowerPoint that Dr. Nardo prepared with history of the author and main points of the book. Afterwards, they planned for a movie night and met again to watch the movie based on the book to top off their in-depth discussion. In addition, he has promised to help them with any academics needs since Dr. Nardo is also the assistant provost of Oglethorpe University.

On Wednesday, the athletics trainers were thanked for all their hard work they do to make sure every athlete is healthy or making progress each day if they are on the road to recovery. Jaime Hobart, head athletic trainer, and Paige McCririe, assistant athletic trainer, received posters and cards from each athletic team.

Athlete Appreciation Day was on Thursday where athletes had the opportunity to receive free Oglethorpe gear. Shirts, water bottles, and other kick knacks were thrown off the weight room balcony by members of SAAC, The Student Athlete Advisory Committee. In addition to this, the volleyball coach, Anna Braun, bought volleyball team Chick-fil-a for the players to enjoy after working hard at their 6 a.m. practice that morning.

This closed out the celebration of Division Three Week. It is a week that honors every aspect of Oglethorpe University athletics in order to properly thank the athletes, athletic trainers, advisors, coaches, and staff’s hard work year-round. Oglethorpe University has baseball, basketball, cross country, lacrosse, golf, soccer, tennis, track and field, and volleyball teams. One week out of the year recognizes these teams and everyone who ensures Oglethorpe’s athletic program is prospering.

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