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Beard tips and advice


Try growing out your beard and not shave it for a while. Try things like no shave November and don’t shave for around a month or more, trim when finished trim your beard at the end instead of shaving it all off. Letting your beard grow out helps to get it darker and look denser/more defined.


Use beard oils to help strengthen, moisturize, soften, and tame your beard, beard oils can also help you by giving your beard a nice shiny clean glow.


Wash your beard like you wash your hair, no one wants to have a dirty beard. Use shampoo and conditioner if you want, or any type of hair product that you might use for your hair. Washing your beard also helps to control and tame your beard making it look well groomed.

Shaving and trimming:

Try to shave around your beard in order to make your beard stand out more and at least give the appearance of being longer and darker. Shaving the hair on your neck helps to give you and more well-groomed look. Trim your beard with clippers or trimming scissors to make your beard look nice and even, some parts of your beard probably grow faster than others, give those slower growing hairs a chance to catch up.

Resist impulses:

Resist the urge to shave, you’re going to regret it if you have a baby face underneath. When trimming with clippers or trimming scissors try not to go over board and cut too much off.

Styling your beard:

Style your beard, try to be different when shaving your beard in order to look different and stand out. Shave around your beard in order to shape it and make it look well groomed. Shaving above and below your beard in order to make your beard look longer and have a well-defined beard outline. If you do completely shave off your beard while doing so experiment with new looks, shave everything except your sideburns and see if thatworks or even shave your moustache and keep the beard to see if it fits your style.

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