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OUMA Nights: Showcasing Art, Music and Expression

The Oglethorpe University Museum hosted OUMA Nights, a collaboration between feminist art and thought, as well as performances from some fellow students. The event lasted from 9 p.m.-12 a.m., but time did not move slow when sitting down and enjoying the music and art.

The decorum of the museum was beautiful, with light refreshments being served, the dim lighting and the remarkable art lining the halls between two areas of the museum. The first section to the left of the elevator was where the refreshments were set up, as well as a makeshift stage in the front of the exhibit hall, complete with a spotlight. As you walked past the hall of feminist art, visitors had the opportunity to study and draw from models.

The event was decorated with art made by female students only, including students Rebecca Rikard, Taylor Roberts, and Meghan Godman to name a few. Godman’s artwork included a picturesque collection of tattoos from family and students. Her exhibit was to demonstrate the process of photography as well as show beauty within the tattoos, because they all had meaning to the owner. But one of the most impressive, and arguably controversial, pieces of art was the piece “Men Make Boring Art.” The work shows a malnourished man in a very suggestive pose, highlighting the opposite of the standard characteristics seen in classical art and commenting on the patriarchal dominance in ancient and contemporary art.

In addition to the thought-provoking artwork, students sang songs written and produced by themselves and by other artists as well. Among this group of talented singers was Rebecca Rikard, Oglethorpe’s very own, The Silver Lake Waves, and The Stormy Petrel Newspaper’s Ally Benisek. The singers and poets created a comfortable and intimate atmosphere for attendees and set the mood for the rest of the night.

OUMA Nights was an event that was very inviting, powerful and inspiring. Seeing the hard work of the female artists displayed as well as the strong performances put everyone in an excited yet sentimental mood for the night, allowing people to feel, relax, and enjoy the night while it lasted.

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