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Quik Threads: A Product of Student Entrepreneur

Money is always tight for college students. Between tuition, books, and living cost there is not much money left to spend on clothing and accessories. That has sparked the trendiness of thrift shopping among young people, and now Oglethorpe students can take part of this trend without having to leave campus. The Oglethorpe community can now thrift shop during Quik Threads pop-up shops.

Last week Tuesday 19, Quik Threads held its first pop-up show of the semester from 12:00 to 2:00p.m. in the TLCC first floor next to the book store. Students could shop from a variety of lightly worn clothing and styles at affordable prices. Oglethorpe Shoppers can expect more pop-up shows throughout the semester. To find out when upcoming pop-up shops will happen, shoppers can sign up for notifications on the Quik list by visiting the Quik Threads Instagram @quikthreads.

The story of Quik Threads and its success on Oglethorpe campus centers around senior business major Dylan Harper who came up and started working on Quik Threads during the early part of his college career. “I personally enjoy thrift shopping, and during freshman year, my ability to go thrifting was limited because I was without a car,” said Harper, “Quik Threads is a response to that problem.”

As an ambitious student-entrepreneur who holds multiple jobs and leadership positions on and off campus, Harper serves as an example of how good time management can accomplish success. “It's a really difficult juggling act, and to be honest, I drop a ball from time to time,” said Harper, “However, our Quik Threads team has built the company and the brand beyond what I could've done on my own, and for that, I am grateful.”

On just the business side, Harper has a tricky task at hand. Selling good products at low prices as a startup business requires creativity and discipline to make it work well. “I've got to simultaneously plan and execute while also prioritizing costs and resources,” said Harper.

Quik Threads was officially launched to the Oglethorpe public during the 2018 fall semester and held two different pop-up shows during that semester. Therefore, students do not have to travel far to be able to shop. “It provides students with fashionable clothing that is both accessible and affordable to even those without transportation,” said Harper.

Since, Quik Threads has grown a sizable Instagram following that features Oglethorpe students as its models and photographers. Students may have noticed flyers around campus advertising Quik Threads and its available team member positions. Interested students can still apply to available positions and inquiries can be submitted to Currently, Quik Threads has 13 team members between photographers, sales associates, interns and managers, as well as 10 models.

The growth of Quik Threads is expected to continue and keep Harper busy beyond his graduation date this upcoming May. Oglethorpe shoppers of Quick Threads can look forward to more Quik Threads when their online store opens this semester before the before the start of summer break.

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