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Zombie Deer Virus

February 20, 2019



Could the Zombie Apocalypse become reality? With the disease known as chronic wasting disease among deer, scientific and animal experts are worried that it could.


Chronic Wasting Disease (or CWD) is a virus that currently affects deer, causing them to stumble, lose weight, have lack of fear in humans, and become more aggressive. Sounds like zombie-like to me.


According to Popular Science, the disease is caused by prions, which are “misfolded proteins that are somehow infectious…if you were to catch one, you’d basically deteriorate over the course of several months, possibly losing the ability to speak or move…”


Researchers are exhausting every possible option to see how the disease could spread to humans, from studying how it can spread to other animals to studying if the meat from the deer after being processed is still infected. The CDC is recommending to anyone that hunts, or has hunted already for meat that you get the meat tested and do not eat any animals that appear to be sick or even touch their organs.


As of January, the disease is in 24 states, centered around the Midwest, with very little reports coming from the North and South. Some lawmakers are already in the process of pressuring scientists to create a cure before the situation can become any worse. But no matter whether the reports are large or small, everyone everywhere in the United States needs to be extremely cautious.

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