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An Overview of the Oglethorpe Ball

Last Friday, February first, was a lovely evening for those who attended the Oglethorpe Ball, previously known as Winter Formal.

The ball was hosted from eight-30 to about eleven-30 at the Callonwolde Fine Arts Center, a half-hour bus ride from Oglethorpe University. Students simply had to sign a waiver for the bus ride and get a wristband, then they could load up and be on their way.

The venue had multiple rooms for students and guests to enjoy their time in. These rooms included a sitting area, the main lobby where many students took their photo on the red carpeted stairs, and then the grand ballroom where a DJ played music for all. There was also a separate room with food, snacks, such as chicken wings, cookies and dip, as well as a beverage room with a bar for those who were of legal drinking age.

Volunteers there were also going around and taking Polaroid pictures of students dressed to the nines and giving them for free along with little snow globe picture frames.

Every year, Programming Board puts on this event and others for students to enjoy the evening with each other and take a break from studying. It is no additional costs and it’s an easy escape from the long week of classes. There are many events like this put on that are fairly easy for students to attend, be it in their means, since we all know how difficult it can be to find the space for downtime in our schedules without additional costs.

Oglethorpe Day, Boar’s Head Celebration, Quadfest in the fall and Stomp the Lawn in the spring, as well as the Oglethorpe Ball, are just to name a few. Keep your eye out for these events in OUConnect as well as the CORQ app and make sure to RSVP and mark your calendars. There are events for lots of different types of interests, so make sure to check them out soon!

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