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An Overview of OU's New Printing Policy

To all Oglethorpe students, most of you have heard that there is a new policy that has been enacted by the Oglethorpe administration. You must pay $0.03 for single Black and White pages and $0.02 for double sided Black and White pages. For Color, you are required to pay $0.06 for single sided pages and $0.05 for double sided pages. All students have $5.00 on their account to begin with.

Students from SGA and the student body alike have voiced their opinions on this new printing policy and its new implications it could have on students’ financial accounts.

Some students think it is not an enormous change. They believe it is very easy to manage, does not break the bank for students, and cuts down on waste of paper.

However, other students disapprove of this change. Many students must print more than the allotted amount of pages for various classes and majors, including projects and PowerPoints. In addition, many students who save and budget throughout the semester argue that the new policy subtracts from their carefully portioned funds.

This new printing policy has caused much controversy and has erupted conversation about who and what the Oglethorpe SGA represents on campus.

The policy went into effect during the week of Jan. 11, 2019 and shows no signs of being abolished from OU regulations.

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