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Kavanaugh Confirmation

October 11, 2018--- On October 6, 2018, the Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh now holds the title of Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Citizens across the country have caused an uproar on both sides of the political spectrum. This victory for the GOP has sparked a fire beneath the party, with Mitch McConnell saying they “refuse to be intimidated by the mob of people that were coming after Republican members in their homes and the halls.”

This historic event for the GOP also marks a victory in their quest to swing the Supreme Court further to the right. However, for Democrats, it has pushed them and their base even more to gain control in the Senate and House of Representatives to combat the rising GOP presence in the United States Government.

Dr. Rebecca Schmerer and Dr. Joseph Knippenberg, both professors of political science at Oglethorpe University, have provided insight into what this confirmation means for college students and the country at large. They explained that Kavanaugh’s confirmation is important to pay attention to because it proves that the elected in power support their party over the people they represent.

“The Supreme Court has been politicized since the Reagan Administration”, said Dr. Knippenberg, suggesting that his polarizing confirmation is nothing new in American political history. However, it encourages the upcoming generation to talk more openly about issues concerning sexual assault, what does justice look like for the accused and the accuser, and how important it is to vote, regardless of social beliefs about the voting process.

Dr. Schmerer expressed her concern and stated that it “makes her sad about the dramatically low statistics [of voting in America with the current generation]”. She said she “hopes that the [younger generation] will vote because it is their civic responsibility”.

Both professors stated that it is still too early to tell whether his confirmation will benefit or damage the country; there has been significant increase in GOP voting numbers, putting them closer to the ratings of the Democrats. Both sides of the political spectrum are now working twice as hard and three times as fast to stay ahead of the other in an unprecedented way, especially with the Midterm elections fast approaching. But no matter the outcome, one thing is certain; The confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh is an event in American history that will change the country forever.

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