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My Experience at Netherworld Haunted House

Located in Stone Mountain, Georgia and notorious for being one of the best haunted houses in America, Netherworld Haunted House was a huge attraction for Atlanta locals and travelers from all over the world this weekend as it opened its doors for the first time this season. I took a trip to Netherworld on opening night, Friday October 5 to experience the terror for myself.

As my friends and I arrived to Netherworld, I was immediately impressed by the kindness of the staff directing traffic and providing information on where to purchase tickets. People of all ages lined up to explore Netherworld, and the vibe was exciting. The lines to purchase tickets and get into Netherworld moved efficiently, and the wait was nothing but fun, as characters interacted with us, and kept everyone entertained.

Soon enough, we made it inside the haunted house, and the terror began. It was prevalent to me that the staff truly cared that everyone enjoyed their time, which made the experience even better. The jump-scares throughout the house were phenomenal, and the designs in the house were impressive. If you love to be scared, you will love Netherworld.

I highly recommend visiting Netherworld Haunted House this year for anyone who loves Halloween, jumpscares, or spooky festivities! If you decide to visit Netherworld this year, here are a few tips based on my experience.

  • Use the bathroom before you arrive! Netherworld Haunted House only has porta-potties as options to use the restroom.

  • Dress comfortably! There are many areas throughout the haunted house that were rather hot in temperature. My suggestion is to wear a short- sleeved shirt, or light weight clothing.

  • Wear comfortable shoes. The flooring throughout Netherworld changes in texture multiple times, and is uneven at some points. Additionally, you may want to be prepared to run if you get scared.

For more information on Netherworld Haunted House, visit their website,

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