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The accusations against Brett Kavanaugh

Sept. 16, 2018 – 51-year old Christine Ford comes out after almost 40 years of keeping a heart-wrenching secret hidden. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh allegedly touched her and tried to have sex with her while they were in high school.

They did not attend the same high school however; Ford went to an all-girls school while Kavanaugh went to a private high school. According to Ford in an interview with The Washington Post, the two had an altercation at a party during the summer.

She recounts the harrowing experience in the interview, saying that Kavanaugh and another boy, Mark Judge forcefully pushed her into a bedroom and got on top of her, nearly raping her before she had a chance to escape.

She has been criticized for waiting until Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings to suddenly come forward, but she defends herself by saying in that moment, what teenager wants to tell their parents they were at a party they didn’t even know about, much less one that had alcohol present?

Regardless of the timing, she has stated in previous interviews that she is not motivated by politics or attention, she only wants to tell the truth. However, questions have emerged whether her memory serves her well and if she will even appear for the hearing, since she has asked the FBI to investigate before she takes the stand.

But what does this accusation mean for the Supreme Court nominee, the GOP and the Midterm elections? According to Kavanaugh he said that he will answer any questions during the newly-opened investigation. He and Ford are scheduled to step before the Senate Judiciary Board on Sept. 24. But times, and stakes, are very different compared to past hearings of this magnitude, such as the Alita Hill case of 1991, when she spoke out against then nominee, Clarence Thomas.

According to NPR, 23 women occupy seats in the Senate, with four out of 22 members serving on the judiciary board. The #MeToo movement also continues to push more and more women to step up and speak up against their accusers.

Furthermore, with the increase in Democrats being elected, voters will possibly be discouraged from voting in the red, leaving the GOP to ensure damage control by pushing for his confirmation regardless of whether she appears in court or not. Although there may be some favor for Ford in the upcoming trial, only time will tell what kind of future is in store for the Supreme Court nominee.

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