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Say hola to (H)OLA

For a lot of people, college may be their first experience away from home. This means having to find spaces on campus that are comfortable and can become a possible second home. Thankfully, Oglethorpe has a diverse campus with several different on-campus groups that allow minority students to have a safe space and find allies.

One example of this is shown in Oglethorpe's Latinx Organization, also known as (H)OLA.

“Our mission is to educate everyone about the diverse Latin American cultures and to serve as a voice for the Latinx students on Oglethorpe's campus,” said the club’s Vice President, Clara Grimaldo. “We also want to be a place where everyone feels comfortable, not only Latinx students.”

Grimaldo became an officer of the organization last September after the club led a DACA rally following the Trump administration’s decision to get rid of the program. She found community for herself in the club and is also excited to be able to help the community outside of Oglethorpe. “This unity and activism are what I looked for,” she said, “It's what I wanted to do.”

This month is especially significant to (H)OLA as it is Latinx Heritage Month. There will be several events throughout the month -- which lasts from September 15 through October 16 -- that are open to all students, no matter their heritage. These events will include a Zumba class, a bonfire, a game night, a movie night, a roundtable talk on activism, and a closing event, titled Noche de Fiesta. In addition to these events, (H)OLA welcomes students to attend meetings, which are typically held the second Wednesday of each month at 1 pm in Student Commons.

“We would not be able to continue our programming if it weren't for all of our amazing members,” said Grimaldo. “We hope to serve our community in every way possible and grow our membership on campus.”

Be sure to come out and see what this club, and others like it, have to offer!

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