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A cafe for everyone: Souper Jenny

Staff writer Breanna Wojcik gives her review of a local soup restaurant:

Living with dietary restrictions isn’t always easy. As a person who has a severe gluten intolerance and additionally follows a pescatarian diet, I often have terrible experiences eating out.

Many restaurants don’t have options that are both gluten-free and pescatarian, and most places that do have such options are extremely limited in what they offer; providing only a few choices. For these reasons, I typically avoid eating out. However, someone recently suggested I give Souper Jenny a try.

Souper Jenny is an assemblage of four cafes located in the Atlanta area, with one location being in Brookhaven, only a half-mile away from Oglethorpe. With a goal to, “nourish your mind, body, and soul,” Souper Jenny’s mission is, “ for EVERY guest to leave saying ‘I love this place. I love how I feel when I'm here, and I can't wait to come back.’”.

Eating at Souper Jenny was a phenomenal experience. Not only does Souper Jenny offer a variety of foods that cater to my dietary restrictions, but they effectively cater to many other dietary needs. Whether you eat a strict vegan diet, have a gluten intolerance, or live a vegetarian lifestyle, Souper Jenny has food for you!

Additionally, Souper Jenny has a different menu every day, so they always have a variety of delicious and exciting foods to choose from! To know what foods are being offered each day, Souper Jenny has an email subscription feature on their website, where you can choose to receive emails of their daily menu.

Aside from Souper Jenny effectively catering to a multitude of dietary restrictions, the best part about Souper Jenny is that the Souper Jenny restaurants contribute to a non-profit organization, The Zadie Project.

The Zadie Project is a non-profit organization that strives to feed the hungry children, families, and seniors located in Atlanta. For each bowl of ‘My Dad’s Turkey Chili’ purchased at any of the four Souper Jenny locations, Souper Jenny donates a nutritious and delicious meal to an Atlanta family. You can donate to The Zadie Project at any of the Souper Jenny locations, or by using the donation link on the Souper Jenny website.

I highly recommend Souper Jenny as the next local cafe you eat at! For more information you can visit their website or social media accounts linked below.


Instagram: @souperjennybrookhaven


Facebook: @souperjenny

Twitter: @PlanetJennyATL

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