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Georgia 6th District Race Overview

Voters in Georgia’s 6th district (GA-6) will go to the polls for the second time in barely over a year, after last year’s special election saw the Republican party hold the congressional seat by a small margin, in a result that some analysts portrayed as a bellwether on future special elections.


GA-6 encompasses many of Atlanta’s northern suburbs and includes the eastern part of Cobb County, northern Fulton County, and several neighborhoods of northern DeKalb County, including the city of Brookhaven, where Oglethorpe’s campus is located.


While the district has been a consistently safe seat for the GOP in past elections, demographic changes and the political landscape caused by the Trump administration have made the district a more competitive race. The Cook Partisan Voting Index has rated the district R+8, but recent elections have demonstrated a considerable shift benefitting the Democratic party, with Hillary Clinton carrying the district by 2 percentage points and last year’s special election going to the Republicans by less than 4 points.



While Republicans will seek to maintain their dominance in the district, several Democratic groups have declared the seat a likely target to flip, echoing hopes expressed during last year’s race.



The GOP has faced several unexpected losses in previously safe seats throughout the nation, an effect that began with the unexpected close result of last year’s special election in GA-6. Congresswoman Karen Handel seeks to win a full term outright, after her narrow victory over Democrat Jon Ossoff last year. The Roswell republican has the support of President Trump, who has praised her on Twitter as “a hard worker who will never give up”.

Likewise, Representative Handel has been widely supportive of measures promoted by the Trump administration, such as the tax code overhaul, which she has claimed is “the key to long-term economic security.” Nevertheless, she has been critical of the trade tariffs imposed by the US Government, a move that has been criticized by Democrats in the district, with former candidate Kevin Abel characterizing it as made “out of fear”.

If you would like to learn more about Rep.Handle visit her website: https://karenhandel.com/



After last year’s near-upset, several Democratic groups around the nation have set their sights in GA-6, with the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) naming the district one of its “target” seats for the 2018 midterm elections. After Jon Ossoff declined to run for a second time, Georgia democrats elected gun control activist Lucy McBath. McBath, a political newcomer, entered the race late in the campaign, defeating businessman Kevin Abel on a platform centered around gun control.

McBath’s activism started as a response to the 2012 shooting of her son Jordan Davis, and she has been critical of Rep. Handel’s support of the NRA, referring to her as “an NRA handpicked candidate.” Republican officials in Georgia have cited McBath’s lack of political experience as a negative, and Rep. Handel has characterized her candidacy as an “out of state, out of touch progressive.”


If you would like to learn more about candidate McBath visit her website: https://lucyforcongress.com/


The Stormy Petrel encourages all that are eligible within the Oglethorpe community to take part in the midterm elections. If you are not register to vote you can get help to register from the Center of Civic Engagement, CCE, located in the A_Lab. If you will not be in your district during elections, you can request an absentee ballot and mail in your vote so that it is counted. Voting takes place November 6. Inform yourself on the candidates and make your voice heard this November.


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