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Spotlight Non-Profit Organization: Special Books by Special Kids

Founded in 2016, Special Books by Special Kids, Inc. is a non-profit organization with a mission to normalize the diversity of the human condition. Founder and CEO, Chris Ulmer, travels around the world interviewing people across a neurodiverse spectrum, allowing them the chance to share their stories on a large platform. Ulmer came up with the idea for Special Books by Special Kids, SBSK, while teaching special education to students with autism, brain disorders, and speech apraxia. He wanted his students to have the opportunity to share what life was like from their perspective, so he proposed the idea of a book series, Special Books by Special Kids.

The book series was denied by 50 publishers, so Ulmer turned to the platform of social media to share SBSK.

Ulmer began posting short interviews with his students on Facebook, and SBSK’s following quickly grew. As SBSK’s Facebook following became larger, people from around the world were contacting Ulmer to be interviewed.

Eventually, Ulmer quit teaching, and fully committed to traveling around the globe to help people share their stories. Now, Ulmer interviews people of all ages with a large variety of conditions. SBSK’s Facebook page, @specialbooksbyspecialkids, has recently reached 2,000,000 followers.

However, SBSK’s main social media platform is now YouTube, where the non-profit’s 731,000 subscribers have access to full length interviews that range from 10-30 minutes in length.

Not only do interviewees feel heard, but viewers from across the world learn new ways to communicate and make friends.

Additionally, people can contact Ulmer to schedule an interview for themselves or someone they know that is living with special needs.

More information about SBSK can be found on their website,

Facebook: @specialbooksbyspecialkids

YouTube: Special Books by Special Kids

Instagram: @specialbooksbyspecialkids

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