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The Soul Reviving Experience that is a Tash Sultana Concert: Editor’s Personal Review of New Artist Concert.

Tash Sultana’s origin story looks good on paper, and it turns out, her live performances do her even more credit. In the past two years, she’s gone from a busker on the streets of Australia to a top artist producing her own albums. Her first U.S. tour sold out in less than a month.


Amist that tour, she took a casual break to perform her own set at Coachella.

On Thursday June 7, Tash performed at the Ritz venue in Raleigh, NC. I - having been obsessed with her since I stumbled across a viral video on Facebook months ago - drove the seven hours to see her performance. It was well worth the trip.


The venue was small, all general admission seating, but the turnout was generous. The crowd was filled with a mix of people of all ages, races, genders and sexualities, which was unsurprising given the cross-disciplinary nature of Tash’s music.


Tash can play 18 instruments, and is a self-taught loopologist and singer. Her music could best be described as alternative indie rock, though she pulls from jazz and bluegrass as well. However, it is not just her unique genre that draws the attention of such a diverse group, but rather her entrancing performances.


While on stage, Tash plays her instruments, tapping levers with her feet and adjusting a soundboard with her left hand, effectively looping her sounds and allowing her to build upon her own music with different instruments and vocals. I witnessed her play nine different instruments: electric, bass, and acoustic guitar, trumpet, mandolin, harmonica, drums, reeds, and a keyboard. She also beatboxed and sang.



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