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Our fashion and makeup writer Natalie Fajardo details her outlook on Coachella style:

Coachella 2018 just wrapped up, and as is typical, the music and art festival highlighted creative makeup and fashion trends. This year’s clothing trends leaned toward a 70s hippie style. A major trend were the flowy skirts, dresses and shirts, fringe, hats, along with lots of accessories and flamboyant shoes.

On the makeup side, Coachella tends to mix bright colors with nude/natural tones or sometimes no makeup at all. A typical look this year was the pairing of unusual colors and heavy cut creases as well as halo eyes. For Coachella nothing is too much.

Another big trend this year was makeup that resembled mermaid, fairy and unicorn themes. Another strong makeup trend also included flower themes, gothic themes and in some occasions a combination of all three.

As for lip trends, colorful, bold and occasionally even glittery was the way to go.

In the past couple of years, dots and facial details have grown in popularity, bringing a tribal feel that fits nicely in the desert landscape. For women the decoration of their faces with dots and stripes of different colors and textures placed in different patterns was very popular. Glitter and shimmer was huge as well, so much so that the event can sometimes seem blinding.

To celebrate the fashion sense of Coachella I decided to repost some of @bybrokelle’s Instagram posts on her Coachella looks from the past on my personal Instagram, @curlsnchampage. These can help anyone draw inspiration for their own looks. If you are looking for more inspiration you can follow my Instagram for my take on Coachella looks.

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