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Before His Next Release, Study Up On Jon Bellion’s Lesser Known Albums

You have probably heard the song “All Time Low” as it was a radio favorite last year. However, most radio stations have not yet dug deeper into Jon Bellion’s collection of artistic masterpieces.

The New York native dropped out of college to pursue music and credits Kanye West as his main inspiration for following his passion.

He released his first mix tape, “Scattered Thoughts Vol. 1,” via his Facebook page in 2011. The album reached over 11,000 downloads and quickly launched Bellion further up in the music industry. He signed with Visionary Music Group in 2012 and began writing songs for other artists including “The Monster” for Eminem and Rihanna.

In early 2015, Bellion released many singles including “Woodstock (Psychedelic Fiction),” “All Time Low,” and “Woke the F*ck Up.” These few songs increased Bellion’s popularity as he announced his national tour, “The Definition Tour.”

To get a better sense of Bellion, diving into his older albums is a necessity. All four of his albums tell a story. Bellion’s writing style is story-like and transparent as he never sugar coats the struggle of being a young artist.

In the song, “Munny Right,” Bellion expresses the roller-coaster feeling of deciding to follow your passion and finally taking that “leap of faith.” His music and beats perfectly parallel the feeling of each lyric and translates his story to listeners.

While his music has its roots in pop, it adds an original flair that is unlike anything else. He includes element of hip-hop and rythym and blues and stylized his songs using his beat pad skills. Bellion often raps as well, adding to the story-like telling of his songs.

After the artist wrapped up his tour last year, he announced that he will be staying out of the limelight for a while as he writes and creates for his next album release. While there is no official date for Bellion’s next album, he constantly posts teaser pictures of himself in the studio hard at work. Be on the lookout for his next album, as he promises it will be something exciting and completely different.

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