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Admitted Students Day

Oglethorpe University held Admitted Students Day was on April 5. The newly admitted students will be part of the 2022 class, and in order for them to get a taste of the Stormy Petrel experience they stayed overnight to enjoy classes and Oglethorpe events.

The day -- which in reality was more like a day and a half -- allowed the newly admitted students to sit in classes with Oglethorpe students to get a glimpse of what awaits them after they officially arrive in the fall. This experience also provided future students to meet their future classmates and make friendships and connections.

Newly admitted students also were introduced to both the academic and residential quad. The future Petrels asked questions to their tour guide and learned of Oglethorpe’s many experiences living on campus can provide and how housing works.

For a portion of the day, students and parents were also informed on financial aid that Oglethorpe can provide in a Q&A style session. They were informed on resources, scholarships opportunities, and grants. As well as the nitty-gritty details, such as the options of payment plans, how to set those up, and how to get bank loans.

However, Admitted Students Day was not only for the future Petrels but also their families. Parents were able to see the type of classes and their ambience to get the picture of the Oglethorpe experience their loved ones would take part in. Not only so, but they were taken on tours to also get familiar with both the academic and residential quad, and got to ask questions in person and learn about resources needed for the future.

Both students and parents got to enjoy Oglethorpe’s scenic view and get a feel for the environment. The student who will come in the fall were able to nurture their educational interests and become excited about future prospects, like sports, events, and study abroad opportunities.

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