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Cultural Fashion Show Hosted by COEXIST

COEXIST will host the second consecutive Cultural Fashion show in partnership with Oglethorpe International Ambassadors, the CCE, and Phi Delta Epsilon as a component of Better Together Day. The fashion show will feature over 30 models from five continents, all which are Oglethorpe students, and even 5 talents at 7:00 p.m. on the 6 in the Lupton auditorium.

As part of a worldwide initiative by the Youth Interfaith Council, Better Together Day holds the objective of showcasing and bringing people of various faiths and cultures together in unity. Oglethorpe's COEXIST has made sure in the past years to participate in this initiative in their belief that unity between all different types of people is the a great thing.

“Oglethorpe really prides itself in diversity,” said Syeda Bano, President of COEXIST, “but we wanted to put a face to it.”

This year’s fashion show will be different from last year’s. “It’s meant to be more diverse,” said Bano. Compared to last year, this show will double the amount of models participating and showcase increasingly more talents. COEXIST has partnered with other organizations on campus in order to increase attendance and have “one combined event that would be on a larger scale,” according to Bano.

The partnerships will also help reflect the unity of campus organizations, as is intended in the theme of Better Together Day. Prior to the fashion show, Phi Delta Epsilon will co-sponsor the Annual Cultural Potluck taking place at 6:30 p.m. in the Lupton auditorium. As for the Oglethorpe International Ambassadors, their partnerships has helped gain more models and a DJ as they work on their objective of bridging “connections between standard and international students,” as Bano said. In respect to the CCE, it puts in their support and marketing abilities at use for the show.

With this show COEXIST hopes to showcase the diversity of cultures and talents on campus, while also strengthening community relations between minority groups. The show, in the perspective of Bano, will help Oglethorpe “fully embrace diversity on campus and [see] how their diversity looks like in action.”

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