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Concealer vs. Glitter Glue

April 2, 2018

Our beauty writer, Natalie Fajardo, tells us about the new trend of using concealer in the place of glitter glue for your eyes.


I love glittery and shimmery eyeshadows. However, nowadays it has become a trend to use concealer as an eyeshadow base, instead of using an eyeshadow primer.



Traditionally concealer is used for regular shades, and it is reapplied or specifically applied in the areas where a shimmery or glitter eyeshadow will be placed. That procedure was fairly popular because like myself, many other were never really willing to invest in glitter glue and or eyeshadow primer or even both.


Let’s begin by stating that It is a given that to apply glitter and shimmery shades one must wet the brush with water or apply some kind of spray like the Mac Fix Plus; I did this with both glitter glue and concealer. When it comes to the eyeshadow primer, I never saw much of a difference when it came to the eyeshadow primer or the concealer for the overall eyeshadow look. However, when I have dealt with shimmery and glitter shadows, the application and overall look was significantly better with the glitter glue.


The glitter eyeshadow applies way faster and with less eyeshadow when I use glue, than when I use concealer. I really appreciated not having to apply so much shimmery eyeshadow because when I would do this, a lot of the fallout would fall into my eye and then my eyes would be watery. I would also waste a lot of eyeshadow when this did happen.


After the investment on glitter glue I have to say it is definitely worth it and I would recommend for everyone to purchase it.  


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