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March Madness – for college students, it means something different than basketball

March, for many people, is a time of new beginnings. Spring is right around the corner, signifying blooming flowers and trees, the kick-off of college basketball brackets, and the first trips of the year to tropical places. However, for college students pursuing their future careers, it means another start: internship and job hunt season.

With the rise of the internet and increasing numbers of individuals gaining their bachelor’s degree, the higher education job market has become a place of who-knows-who and first come first served. Which means that, despite summer being months away, most applications for summer internships close by the end of March.

This leaves many students – who are often so caught up in papers and midterms that they lose track of time – starting their job search too late.

Oglethorpe University, though, has implemented various tactics to combat this issue. Last week three events were held to assist students in the process of adapting to the professional world.

Firstly, the Senior class hosted an event dedicated to managing money post-graduation. “Smart Money Moves for your 20s and 30s” was a panel directed and lead by Oglethorpe Senior students, advising underclassmen on their ways to safely manage their investments and bank accounts, such as how to achieve a good credit score and maintain savings accounts.

To help ensure these students would have an income to manage, the Atlanta Laboratory for Learning (A_LAB) hosted a “Resume Blitz” in the cafeteria during lunch hours. This event encourages both walk-ups and scheduled sessions to discuss the content and formatting of student’s professional resumes. Students from all experience background attended this event.

Later that same night, the Junior class hosted an “Internship Mixer,” bringing in individuals from local businesses and organizations to talk professionally with underclassmen students. The mixer had a great turnout with around 20 students and 10 business professionals in attendance.

The A_LAB will continue to offer one-on-one coaching and review as interview season rolls around. In tandem with the aforementioned other events, Oglethorpe students should feel prepared to tackle the madness that is March internship and job season.

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