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Iridescent Highlighters

It is safe to say that highlighters have shaken the internet into a frenzy. In the past year or so, every makeup enthusiast seems to have gone crazy for subtle and blinding highlights; but the newest trend is iridescent highlighters.

Although this trend is taking over the makeup world right now, it took a while to catch on. These highlighters were traditionally used for Halloween, festival kind of makeup looks or even as eye shadow. There were only a few makeup enthusiast that were willing to try these out on Instagram with some skepticism. But since then it has caught on and more people have been trying them out. Currently, people are using them more for their daily looks.

The popularity of these iridescent highlighters is prompting more companies to release kits to fulfill this consumer demand. Luxury brands like Anastasia Beverly Hills, Mac, Jeffree Cosmetics, Fenty and even some drugstore brands like Revlon and NYX have released several iridescent highlighters. The most common colors for these type of highlighters tend to be champagne, nude-ish tones, gold, white, pink and purple tones.

Recently, rumors that Anastasia Beverly Hills is launching a new highlighter palette that would be unicorn themed have been circling around. As of now, Anastasia has the Moonchild Glow Kit, which retails at $40 and contains six iridescent shades: pink, ice blue, mint, gray and two purple tones, to satisfy their base. Consumers, however, want more.

As spring and summer are approaching these highlighters are expected to grow in popularity, due largely because their display of bright colors are signatures of these seasons. More highlighter kits of these sorts are expected to come within the upcoming months bringing the highlighter game to another level.

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