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Oglethorpe Joins Bands of Universities in Making Greek Life Safer

February 5, 2018

After multiple hazing-involved deaths of fraternity pledges this past year, universities around the nation have been cracking down on Greek life policy and procedure. Pennsylvania State, Louisiana State, Florida State, and Texas State University have suspended all Greek life organizations on their campuses due to recent events.



The amount of Greek life organizations under fire for hazing and improper conduct has been on the rise. This epidemic of misconduct has sparked the controversy of whether or not Greek life is a collegiate tradition worth saving.


Despite the exceptions, due to its popularity, history and overall positive influence on the college experience, many universities have implemented programs to improve Greek organizations’ policies.


Along with many other U.S. schools, Oglethorpe University has been holding Greek Summits to improve many aspects of our nine social Greek organizations. These conferences, led by the Director of Student Engagement and Leadership, Shane Pruitt, are put in place to educate members of Greek organizations on the prevention of misconduct.


Topics such as the prevention of hazing, sexual assault, and alcohol and substance abuse were discussed at the Summits, as well as other intra-Greek topics of interest.


During the Summit, members of Oglethorpe’s Greek organizations produced the official Greek response to sexual assault on campus, as well as met with Dean Hall to draft a policy on alcohol and substance abuse.


Although these conversations were held within the Greek community, Oglethorpe students and faculty will be made aware of any changes or updates made during the Summits.


The Greek Summits were put into place to help non-Greek members of the community understand the “why” of Greek organizations, in addition to focusing on the overall safety of those involved with Greek life.


While there has been a lot of negativity in the news recently involving Greek life, Oglethorpe’s Greek organizations strive to prove to the community that they can become one of the most constructive and positive leadership programs on campus.


“In my opinion, the Summits being held are a great way for the Greek community to come together as one and really show the rest of Oglethorpe what we’re made of,” said Diane Huynh, President of the Delta Theta chapter of the Chi Omega Fraternity. “It’s really a time for us to step up, soak in the information being provided to us, and continue to grow stronger and get better from there.”


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