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OUMA Night Highlights Art and Accomplishment with Glitz and Glam

For one night in April, students stepping onto the third floor of Lowry would find themselves transported into the glittering, artistic scene of the Roaring 20s: Oglethorpe Edition.

Pictured (Left to Right): Michael Yelton ('24), Kate Aret ('25), Angel Wilman ('26), Penelope Bertrand ('26), Faolan Curry ('25), Devlynn Miller ('26), Morgan Quach ('25), Heidi Ullman ('26), Sophia Sobrino ('24), Chloe White ('26), Sebastian Martinez Ramirez ('26), and Joseph David.

Photo by: Fynn Grindle ('25)

Hosted by Art Flow in collaboration with the Oglethorpe University Museum of Art (OUMA), the yearly OUMA Night on April 12 showcased a variety of student performers, artists, curators, and vendors while encouraging attendees to dress up and dress out; flapper dresses, suspenders, ties, sequins, pearls, and all.

And, to Heidi Ullman (‘26), Penelope Bertrand (‘26), and Sophia Sobrino (‘24), student organizers of the event from Art Flow, the turnout was gratifyingly over 100.

“We really wanted as many people to attend as we could hold,” Bertrand said. “A lot of students even brought friends and family who don’t attend OU. I was more than happy with how many people attended and got involved.”

Pictured Artwork By (Left to Right): Cece Campbell ('24), Gabriela Dumar ('27), Audrey Rebstock ('25), Audrey Rebstock, ('25), Brook Deutschman ('24), Michael Yelton ('24), Sophia Sobrino ('24), Heidi Ullman ('26), and Penelope Bertrand ('26)

Photos by: Fynn Grindle ('25)

Notes sang, chords strummed, jokes told, and stanzas recited momentarily demanded the attention of attendees with performances from Joy Carpenter (‘24), Emma Jean Scott (‘25), Cynthia Tinschmidt Leal (‘27), Nevaeh Riddle (‘26), Jennah Waters (‘25), Eden Lipham (‘26), Amber Williams (‘26), Miyah Jones (‘25), Gavin Spyre (GSU ‘26), and mOUthing off Improv. 

In between performances, those in attendance could peruse the themed food and drinks tables, take Polaroid pictures at the photo booth, browse the student vendor tables, and admire the pieces of student artwork displayed. Small businesses and vendors included: Devlynn Miller (‘26) with jewelry; Flor Chavez Barriga (‘24) with crochet chokers and crochet bouquet commissions; Sydney Jones (‘24) with “Syd’s Sips,” offering lemonade and drinks, and her sister’s stationary store “Black Girl Bindery”; Madi Steelly (‘24) and Brook Deutschman (‘24) with “Pig Square,” selling artwork; Kate Aret (‘25) with knitted products; and Morgan Quach (‘25) with “88 Cranes,” offering crocheted items and earrings.

Pictured (Left to Right): Robin Muse ('24), Madi Steelly ('24), Brook Deutschman ('24), Joseph David, Penelope Bertrand ('26), Morgan Quach ('25), Kate Aret ('25), Rein Chebat ('24), Sydney Jones ('24), Devlynn Miller ('26), and Flor Chavez Barriga ('24).

Photos by: Fynn Grindle ('25)

Spirits were high and the conversation remained lively, an underlying sense of pride and achievement steady well throughout the night. 

“I am indubitably, indescribably, incandescently, positively happy to be here tonight,” Ullman emphasized. 

Bertrand felt similarly, expressing her thoughts after the event’s conclusion. “I kept feeling overwhelmed with joy seeing everything come together,” she said. “I was feeling very proud of everyone and all the work we put in. I think everything went great. I was happiest with the photo area and seeing the excitement of everybody as the photos developed. Next year, I would love to have food and snacks cycling in throughout the night so if people show up later, there is still something for them.”  

Pictured (Left to Right): An image of the vendor hall, Cynthia Tinschmidt Leal ('27), the "Sensory Space" set up in collaboration with DNSO, and Polaroid prints from the photo booth.

Photos by: Fynn Grindle ('25)

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